Vehicle Air conditioning

The patented LOKRING® tube connection system provides an innovative system of solder-free tube connections for every repair situation in vehicle air conditioning systems.

LOKRING tube connections can be made without a great deal of force being necessary, using simple hand assembly tools. LOKRING ensures an absolutely clean, permanent and purely mechanical tube connection with long-term hermetic air-tightness.

This is confirmed by the special TÜV test and approval. All this makes LOKRING tube connections one of the most economical and reliable methods of connecting refrigerant tubes.


  • for universal use, independent of the vehicle type and model year
  • no waiting for expensive original spare parts
  • no welding, soldering or thread cutting necessary
  • in many cases, the faulty line may not even have to be removed
  • for more than 30 years tried-and-trusted by OEMs
  • in compliance with EU directive 2006/40/E

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