Diesel Pump Set

Diesel Pump Sets

AGCO Power has made diesel-operated pumps for over 50 years. Our comprehensive service comprises design. assembling, assistance in commissioning, user training, service and spare parts. AGCO Power is the leading supplier in the field for Finland.

Diesel pumps for sprinkler and fire water systems
Diesel pumps for process and feed water backup systems
Diesel driven irrigation pumps
Electric pumps for sprinkler and fire water systems
Jockey pumps
Control panels for electric pumps
Containerized pumping plants

Selection of sprinkler pumps

Fire protection is all about reliability. Therefore the core of the AGCO Power sprinkler pumps is our own, renowned engine that is proven to have a long lifetime and great reliability.

Diesel and electric pumps for sprinklers are designed and manufactured to meet the industry norms such as CEA4001 or EN12845.

Pumping container
Pumping containers are ready-to-operate pumping plants built at our factory, and include pumps, pipelines, instrumentation and electrical installation inside the container.
The equipment is installed in an ISO standard 6 m (20′) or 12 m (40′) maritime container. If needed, containers can be heat and sound insulated to meet environmental requirements (temperature, sound). The color of the container can be chosen freely.